There are always special offers on at all supermarkets but here are a few pointers on how to save the most money when buying from Asda, Sainsburrys, Tesco and other supermarkets. We will also be posting some information on how to save money on food shopping for students and single people.

Compare Supermarket Prices

1/ Make a List – If you choose to go out to the supermarket to shop make sure you make a list as the supermarkets have a clever way in which to make you spend more than you intend. If you stick to a list then you will help the will power on those buy one get one free chocolate biscuits you don’t really want or need. – Make an online list at Mysupermarket

2/ Don’t shop when you are hungry – It may sound like a simple idea but no doubt you will spend up to 20% more on your shop investing at time on quick junk food and extravegant ideas that in reality you do not need. Even better shop online once you have had your tea.

3/ Cook more at once – Cook big meals and pots if you have a family or even if just a couple or single person as you can always freeze the rest to reheat the following week. Not only does this save you money on waste it also saves money on cooking as it uses less electricity or gas. It will also save you time.

4/ Try shopping onlineMy supermarket allows you to compare all your supermarket deals and shopping lists to show you the best price for that particular weeks supermarket shop. By using Mysupermarket you can save upto around 15% on the weekly shop by finding the cheapest deals and supermarket special offers.

5/ Try different brands and alternatives – Many people go to the supermarket in a daze where the routine takes over and the same things each week are piled into the trolley. By looking at different brands and alternatives that are on buy one get one free offers you can often save several much needed pounds. You could also try out supermarket own brands as many are often voted better than big brand names.

6/ Buy in bulk – Often it is possible to find roll back offers and special buy one get one free deals on products and you can spend more one week and save alot more over future weeks,..for example washing powder or other household items that take up a large part of your grocery budget.

7/ Watch out for big promotions – With a price war among tesco, asda and sainsburrys it is common that deals that actually lose the supermarket money can be found and you should keep your eyes peeled to make sure you cash in on them. For example the recent 8 items at 50p each promotion at ASDA.

8/ Buy little and often – If you are not a planner and don’t know what you want to eat in the week you can purchase your food more often meaning sell by dates will not mean excessive waste. Although this can save money it can also increase food bills if you give into temptation at the supermarket.

9/ Plan your meals by the week – If you want to be a savvy shopper you need to be organised. The best way to do this is to plan meals for the week as you can use produce that needs to be used quickly at the begginning of the week while saving longer date products for the weekend.

10/ Beware of buying 2 for 1 deals and special offers – Supermarkets don’t want to give you something for nothing. By purchasing special offers you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure you see how your actually saving as in some cases it can be a couple of pence and what is the point in paying an extra £2 on something you don’t really need to save 20p. Some offers will increase waste and we reccommend you look on Mysupermarket as this site shows you exactly how much you are saving when buying food online.

11/ Make your own meals – Don’t be lazy when shopping look for new ideas and ways in which to cook healthy meals that can be prepared cheaply. Purchasing ready meals and junk food is one of the main ways in which you can inflate your shopping bill.

After living the student lifestyle myself I know the rumours of living on next to nothing and making odd combinations is true, however there are ways in which you can save money on your food shops, as well as make cooking less of a chore and feel better about what your munching on.

Student money saving tips:

1/ Cook together – If you live with others in halls or shared accommodation cook may seem like a big challenge getting everyone in the right place at the right time as well as getting people to put the money up or do the shopping but if 2 or 3 of you do a shop online and get it delivered there is less hassle and you will be able to make dishes alot cheaper.

2/ Split costs on 2 for 1 deals – If you do your shop in dribs and drabs from the nearest store this may not work for you but if you organise yourselfs and order your food shop online or go to the supermarket you can hunt for buy one get one free deals or special offers that you can bulk up on which will last a while.

3/ Sell by dates – As most universities are based in bigger towns and cities you should have shops near by and so you can purchase products for the day you need them and don’t be scared to try fruit and veg stalls as you can buy individiual produce saving on waste.

4/ Cooking competitions / Cook alongs – If you are lucky enough to have a big living area and large kitchen with access to the tv you could try cook along programmes such as Gordon Ramsey’s cook along live, there are many videos / sites / on demand programmes you could use. You could also have a come dine with me type cook off competition – This has been tried and tested and if your group can be on the competitive side this is ideal! – Pick a budget, a rota (at random) as well as a scoring system and get on with it. You will get a weeks worth of food and only cook once. Don’t panic if there are people who can’t cook as they will learn quickly when thrown in at the deep end and a little bit of help with preparation can be allowed.

5/ Take away money savings – When ordering take away order a mix of things to share and bulk up by providing your own extras which are alot cheaper. You could also make more of a particular dish (stew, lasagne, or spag bol) for when you come in after a heavy night on the town.

Other sources of information:

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Below is the top 3 offers compared as of this week from Mysupermarket for Asda, Tesco, Sainsburrys and Ocado.

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